Steps Academy Private Home School

A Quality education is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Steps Academy’s ethos of “Master and Move” and ‘Every child matters” is key critical in the development and provision of an individualised and unique education system. Our commitment – providing a comprehensive, quality based education that not only promotes academic development but moral and ethical awareness as well and ensuring that discipline is at the very forefront of our campaign, to achieving the school’s vision.
Steps Academy is committed to excellence. We pride ourselves in being able to partner with the community and various other institutions to facilitate the growth of our learners intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically, and to create respect for our environment and society. We endeavour to employ suitably qualified staff, making use of innovative materials and modern technology, in order to achieve the schools objectives. Steps Academy is an institution that embraces all cultures and is committed to the pursuit of unity.
Our Constitution is the very foundation that solidifies this institution by providing rules and regulations that governs the functioning of our school ensuring a safe, healthy and happy environment for all at Steps Academy

“Never stop learning because life never stops Teaching”

Indira Govender – Campus Principal

Steps Academy at glance
Ranked #2 in Nation
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The cultivation of a passion for learning  and discovery through responsibility and accountability.

Mission Statement

To foster academic excellence and emotional resilience while honoring values that will support our students throughout life-integrity and gratitude.